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It always happens this time of year. We get phone calls, emails and an occasional knock on the door by hunters blaming their peep sight for missed opportunities. The conversation usually starts with "I drew my bow back and could see the pin but could not make out the animal. Can your product help me with this?" Or, "I wear reading glasses and the peep sight is blurry...I'm not shooting as accurately as I did when I was younger. Will your product help me with that?" Or, "I always hated my peep but my Pro-shop guy told me I needed one to shoot accurately. Will your product keep me shooting accurately?" The Answer to all these questions is an emphatic YES! Our product is the most advanced in Peep-less technology giving you all the right options. You can keep your own pins and adjust the sensitivity to the equivalent of a large peep or a small peep depending on your preference and so much more.

  • No Peep Anchor Site for your bow

    The AS 40 Anchor Sight is machined from a solid aluminum block and has the Anchor Sight Logo inset with a b...

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  • No Peep Anchor Site for your bow

    G1 Next Generation Camo All aluminum Housing. CNC Machined from a solid Block of Aluminum.

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I have been shooting with an AS for 6 years. My accuracy in the field improved dramatically. I am comfortable out to 50 yrds, and shot a buck last year at 49 yrds. I had bow torque issues when shooting a peep in hunting situations that are now a thing of the past.

Jim - GA

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Q. What hardware comes with the sight?

A. Everything you need will be included. This includes the aluminum frame and hardware for mounting. The Anchor Sight is assembled so you only need the two screws for mounting the frame to riser and two screws for mounting the Anchor Sight onto the frame. All are included in the packet which also contains three brass washers and Allen Key for turning the micros. All micro screws are assembled and factory preset for correct tension.


Q… How will I know if the Anchor Sight will fit on my bow?

Answer… The Anchor Sight will virtually fit on any bow as long as you have enough room between the front of the riser and pin housing. There may be a problem with a slider type front sight but In that case you can mount it to the rear of the riser. You need about 2 inches between the pin housing and riser or riser and cable. You can always ask us to check out your set up before buying but in any case we offer a 30 money back for any reason.

Q… I see that installation is pretty straight forward but does the Anchor Sight make shooting more complex?

Answer… Absolutely not! In fact, it makes shooting your bow simpler and much more enjoyable. It's amazing how many archers have been brainwashed into thinking that a peep sight is necessary for shooting accurately and that you have to practice to develop a shooting form that you can repeat consistently. A peep sight is simply a hole in your string but it has been made a standard by the industry out of convenience and lack of a better option. Now there is a better option.

Q… Okay, why is the Anchor Sight better than a peep sight?

Answer… The Anchor Sight is better in every respect. First, it's attached to the ridged part of your bow adding stability. The invisible sigh-line it projects makes your eye become the rear sight giving you maximum distance between your eye and front sight, a key to accuracy, plus the sensitivity is adjustable. You can adjust the sensitivity of a peep only by changing the peep size which means pressing your bow etc. the Anchor Sight is better in low light and offers a full-spectrum view of your target in all lighting conditions. It allows you to choose the anchor point that feels right for you and and one that is conducive to best form. If you sight in with perfect form it's very difficult to shoot any other way. Because of magnification, all aspects regarding torque or other shooting issues become apparent which gives you the opportunity to become a better shooter by seeing and reacting to errors before the shot is released.


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